Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to create blogger auto refresh

How to create blogger auto refresh. Maybe you're all familiar with the word "Refresh" commonly interpreted refreshment, where Refresh is a very important role at all for our computer. Many people argue refresh make our computers faster. So how ya if this is enforced refresh function into the blog?
This time will be a little tweaking meta code that can be hacked and gave Effect On Auto Refresh blogger for engine 
Whether we start, yes!
1. Login to Blogger
2. Then click Edit Html Design and Select.
3. Furthermore, please copy this code:
<Meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = " 600 "/>
4. Then just put the code in the code:

<head> .... </ Head>

* Instructions: paste in between the code above.
or advice from me just save it into the code earlier meta tag to your blogger.,

* For those who do not know about meta tags, please go to this forum and select the category of SEO writing there is exactly one member here:

5. If it is then Save Template and see the results .

Very easy is not how to make it?

Colored paper Red above indicates the amount of time that will reload or refresh automatically in seconds.
Example: the above code is written "600" means your blog or website we will refresh automatically in 10 minutes. since 1 minute = 60 seconds and 10 minutes = 600 seconds.
Change the number "600" by the time you want to refresh automatically (in seconds).

Advantages of the use of this refresh will obviously speed up the blogger (blogger special heavy loh)
Okay pal virtual information, maybe that's a little transfer of knowledge today, hopefully can be a bit useful. If you have difficulty in  How to create a refresh effect on the blogger please contact the admin in contact or leave a message here. I'll see ya tomorrow .
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