Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gray Stone : Template for Blogspot

Gray Stone : Template for Blogspot - Is a free download  templates for blogspot , 2 column,  Right Sitebar and blue stylist templates. Gray also suitable for those who love the blogspot templates . Blogspot templates can be downloaded free of charge so please download immediately that this cool blogspot templates. template for blogspot are also very elegant because it has the appearance of such websites.
 Profile Template :
1. Name : Gray Stone Templates
2. Licence : Template for blogspot
3. Column : 2 Column.

Install The Templates (This Instruction For Blogspot Only) :

  1. Please Sign In to blogspot/blogger
  2. Go to LAYOUT -- Edit HTML
  3. If You need to back up your old templates, please do the back up first. 
  4. Upload The XML Files.
  5. Click the Upload button.
  6. Save your template.
Gray stone is free templates for Blogspot. It is have magazine style with 2 columns layout and right sidebar. Looking great for personal or business.
                                                     Gray Stone templates for blogspot

Thank you for download Gray Stone templates for blogspot, keep enjoy your moment .

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